Drops Of Rayne

a tiny taste of my writings.

 "Feels So Right"

Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you,
at time I wish I didn’t care,
Sometimes I wish it was all just a dream,
And you weren’t really there.
I never meant to fall in love with you,
Though I never really had a prayer,
it would be easier just being friends,
the less pain we'd have to bare.
But I cherish every moment that we have,
even the tears you make me cry,
Is not enough to make me walk away,
Not enough to make me say good-bye.
I cant ignore the way you make me feel,
It’s well worth all the stupid fights,
Just to see the way you look at me,
And the way you make me smile,
I don’t know how loving you could be wrong,
When loving you feels so right.

© SNR 2009