Drops Of Rayne

a tiny taste of my writings.


Missing you never gets easier…

No matter how much I try
Not to even think of you,
But you’re still always on my mind.

And every moment away from you
I try my best not to cry,
But the pain of missing you
Cuts me like a knife.

I sit wishing I could see you…

I imagine looking into your eyes
Imaging your arms wrapped around me,
Wishing it was me there by your side.

If I could only hear you…

I sit waiting for you to call,
Just to hear you say you love me,
Is always enough to make me smile.

And in that moment I forget the pain,
Forgetting that you’re not really mine.
But my smile soon begins to fade
When we have to say good-bye.

And as we hang up the phone,
I try my best not to cry.
As I’m back to the reality,
Another day without you has gone by.

And silently…

I cry.
© SNR 2009